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FOTH Eventer Challenge

(April 22, 2012)

The Festival of the Horse Challenge (Eventer Trial) qualifier was held at Shire Hill Farm courtesy of the Englemann family on 22nd April. The weather was kind and the day remained mostly dry.  The ground was perfect and the organisation excellent.

Each class was hotly contested with cross country time faults being the deciding factor.

The Junior Novice team event was won by Ingatestone and Blackmore - the  Junior Pairs, Tendring Hundred and they also took the Junior Intermediate.

Saffron Walden won the Novice and Intermediate classes with Tendring taking the Pairs.

The Championships Final will take place at Aston-le-Walls 2nd and 3rd June.

FOTH Challenge Results (subject to confirmation from BRC)

Junior Novice Team

1st Ingatestone and Blackmore (Pink Team)

Daniel Little, Twilight Royale; Evie Morris, Pengoch Benjamin; Claire Winder, Trefrifawr Samson; Georgia Winfield Flying Circus

2nd Saffron Walden

Georgia Marshall, Okehurst Whatever You Like; Ellie Berisford, Ella Malla Mou; Lily Howlett, Polly; Sarah Howlett, A Touch of Baileys

3rd Royal Wood

Emily Uden, Captain Silver;.Megan Devonport, Casper CK; Lydia Felton,Limerick; Chloe Spooner, Mirrival

4th Tendring Hundred

Helen Chambers, Lavenham Silver Shadow; Eloise Hall, Whisper; Danielle Bennett, Harry; Frankie Power, Alantic Benji

5th Ingatestone and Blackmore (Purple Team)

Sydney Gallagher, Lady Scattercash; Rebecca Jones, DF Paul; Summer Nichols, Little Miss Tilley; Esme Winfield, Deep Blue Sea

Junior Novice  Individual

1st Daniel Little, Twilight Royale Ingatestone & Blackmore Pink

2nd Lily Howlett, Polly Saffron Walden & District Red

3rd Sarah Howlett, A Touch of Baileys Saffron Walden & District Red

4th Georgia Winfield, Flying Circus Ingatestone & Blackmore Pink

5th Evie Morris, Pengoch Benjamin Ingatestone & Blackmore Pink

6th Sophie Byford, Moontown Beekeeper Saffron Walden & District Green

Junior Pairs

1st Eloise Hall Max and Frankie Power Alantic Benji, Tendring Hundred

2nd Daniel Little Twilight Royale and Evie Morris Pengoch Benjamin, Ingatestone & Blackmore Pink

3rd Faye Power Brahms Bounce and Sam Green Diamond Bear, Tendring Hundred

4th Georgia Marshall Okehurst Whatever You Like and Ellie Berisford Ella Malla Mou, Saffron Walden & District Red

5th Sophie Byford Miss Foxy Lady and Laura Byford Sergeant Solomon, Saffron Walden & District

6th Sophie Dutton What That Story and Danielle Bennett Harry Junior, Tendring Hundred

 Senior Novice Team

1st Saffron Walden (Blue Team)

Jo Wardle, Fug; Suzannah Engelmann, Blu-tack; Emily Duff, Jay Jay; Joy Goddard, Palouse

2nd Saffron Walden (Purple Team)

Sophie Haylock, Lineout; Vicky Palmer, Frank; Suzannah Engelmann, Angus; Lisa Spence, Fidget

3rd Ingatestone and Blackmore (Blue)

Julia Brightwell, E=MC Squared; Diane Johnston, Easter Sky; Jo Pinkerton Hop, Skip & Jump ; Jenny Brown Kilbrien Clover

 4th Billericay (Gold Team)

Laura Johns, Majestic Girl; Kirsty Maynard, Chukka; Ashley Price, Ennejean; Rosie Bates, Dorrells Aurun

5th Tendring Hundred

Anne Kerr, Irish Gem; Lyndsay Salmon, Murray; Nicky Robinson Quindora; Sameena Rush, Giglio

6th Ingatestone and Blackmore (Green Team)

Jo Pinkerton, Hector; Anna Gregory, Frankiefromford; Megan Page, Falcon; Katie Pittaway, Shipley

Senior Novice Individuals

1st Rosie Bates Dorrells Aurun Billericay & District Gold

2nd Suzannah Engelmann Blu-tack Saffron Walden & District

3rd  Emily Duff Jay Jay Saffron Walden & District Blue

4th Lisa Spence Fidget Saffron Walden & District Purple

5th Sophie Haylock Lineout Saffron Walden & District Purple

6th Jenny Brown Kilbrien Clover Ingatestone & Blackmore Blue

Senior Pairs

1st Lyndsay Salmon, Murray and Sameena Rush, Giglio; Tendring Hundred

2nd Claire Bolt, Ashes Quest and Nicky Robinson, Quindora; Tendring Hundred

3rd Kelly Twin, Hector and Jo Pinkerton, Hop, Skip & Jump; Ingatestone & Blackmore

4th Bex Miller, Snow Kaddy and Lisa Spence, Bee Polite Saffron Walden & District

5th Lizzy Kerr, Mallow King and Anne Kerr, Irish Gem; Tendring Hundred

6th Corrina Meads, Arti and Joanna Davis, Tara Nova; Royal Wood

Junior Intermediate Team and Individuals

1st Team Tendring Hundred

Individual Placings

1st Sophie Dutton What That Story Tendring Hundred

2nd Sam Green Diamond Bear Tendring Hundred

3rd Becky Ivell Joheen Tendring Hundred

4th Faye Power Brahms Bounce Tendring Hundred

5th Anna Thomson George Saffron Walden & District

Senior Intermediate Individuals

1st Lisa Spence, Bee Polite; Saffron Walden & District (White)

2nd Claire Bolt, Ashes Quest Tendring Hundred

3rd Rosie Bates Dot To Dot III Billericay & District

4th Lizzy Kerr Mallow King Tendring Hundred

5th Jo Wardle Fred Saffron Walden & District (Black)

6th Jenny Brown Whisper Sweet Nothing Ingatestone & Blackmore


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