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Winter Novice Indoor Show Jumping Qualifier

(November 25, 2012)

Novice showing Jumping Qualifier

This competition was held on 25th November at Norton Heath. Following a day of rain – just for a change, the luxury of riding indoors at such a friendly venue was a real treat for team members.

Eight Senior teams challenged for the qualifying place with Ingatestone and Blackmore ‘Blue’ team coming first on a great two-round score of zero.

The junior place went to Royal Wood Rebels – finishing on a fantastic score of zero.

Full results below.

This event also was a qualifier for the Royal Windsor Horse Show Final – Novice and Intermediate Top Score competition.

Junior Novice went to Tendring Hundred’s James Foxon and the Intermediate to Ingatestone and Blackmore’s Lucinda May.

Senior Novice and Intermediate went to Ingatestone and Blackmore’s Jenny Brown with Kilbrien Clover and Whisper Sweet Nothing respectively.

At the time of writing all the results are subject to confirmation by British Riding Clubs.


Novice Winter Indoor Show Jumping Qualifier


1st        Ingatestone and Blackmore Blue Team

Alcie Quinlan - Pleasure Cruise

Laura Smith - Herbie

Claire Galsworthy - Donkassiopeia

Michelle Suddick - Coolcronan Claret

2nd       Ingatestone and Blackmore Green Team

3rd        Royal Wood

4th        Billericay Blue

5th        Tendring Hundred

6th        Saffron Walden



1st        Royal Wood Rebels

Emily Uden - Captain Silver

Summer Dan - Well Done

Chloe Spooner - Mirrival

Abi Stone - Fernhill Quick Silver       

2nd       Billericay

3rd        Ingatestone and Blackmore Purple

4th        Tendring Hundred

5th        Ingatestone and Blackmore Pink

6th        Royal Wood Flyers

RWHS Junior Novice Top Score

1st       James Foxon               William                                                Tendring Hundred

2nd        Esme Winfield            Flying Circus                                       Ingatestone & Blackmore

3rd        Rebecca Jones             DF Paul                                               Ingatestone & Blackmore

4th                                            Paddy’s Irish                                       Ingatestone & Blackmore

5th        Abi Morrell                 Puatjades Only Fool                           Ingatestone & Blackmore

6th        Abi Stone                    Fernhill Quick Silver                           Royal Wood   


RWHS Junior Intermediate Top Score

1st        Lucinda May               Sabinas Skylark                                   Ingatestone & Blackmore

2nd        Laura Byford              Sergeant Solomon

3rd        Evie Morris                 Pengoch Benjamin                              Ingatestone & Blackmore

4th        Summer Dann             Well Done                                           Royal Wood

5th        Julia Studholm            Silver Cruz                                          Ingatestone & Blackmore

6th        Chloe Spooner                        Mirrival                                               Royal Wood


RWHS Senior Novice Top Score

1st        Jenny Brown               Kilbrien Clover                                   Ingatestone & Blackmore

2nd        Anne Kerr                   Irish Gem                                            Tendring Hundred

3rd        Michelle Suddick        Coolcronan Claret                               Ingatestone & Blackmore

4th        Jo Childs                     Tia                                                       Ingatestone & Blackmore

5th        Claire Nowland           Donkassiopeia                                     Ingatestone & Blackmore

6th        Claire Bolt                   Shadowman                                        Tendring Hundred


RWHS Senior Intermediate Top Score

1st        Jenny Brown               Whisper Sweet Nothing                      Ingatestone & Blackmore

2nd        Claire Bolt                   Ashes Quest                                        Tendring Hundred

3rd                                            Walde V                                                                                 

4th        Diane Johnson             Easter Sky                                           Ingatestone & Blackmore

5th        Jackie Cole                  Windchimes Blue Jazz           

6th        Izzy Bradley               Jake III                                                Ingatestone & Blackmore

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