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Dressage to Music Results

(July 08, 2015)

Junior Prelim and Novice:
1st Claudia Davis on Westcroft Nell from EEFDG 111 / 118.5

Snr novice 0 points:
1st April Farr riding Monkey 129.5 IBRC
2nd Fraser Murray riding Lordships Supersonic 128.5 Stansted
3rd Lily Rymill riding BB's Cathy 124.5 IBRC
4th Debbie Bond riding Sienna 118.5 Stansted

Snr novice with points:
1st Tracy Davidson riding Clonshire Alfie 125 SWDRC
2nd Catherine Ferris riding Figaro III 118.5 Stansted 
3rd Sally Freeman riding Grafin von Wehye 113 Stansted

1st Sandie Gibbs (Hazelhurst Basil) and Debbie Bond (Sienna) 113.5 Standsted

1st Sandie Gibbs riding Nolton Tobago 182 Stansted
2nd Laura Vandervleit riding Burywood Chess 180.5 EEFDG
3rd Liz Warr riding Fleur III 174.5 IBRC
4th Michelle Snooks riding Zinnedy 170 EEFDG
5th Tracy Clark riding Beeston Badger 166 EEFDG
6th Janet Hyde riding City Slicker 165 Billericay

Pick A Test:
1st Emma Pewter riding Rafael (advanced medium) 73.83% EEFDG
2nd Liz Warr riding Fleur III (medium) 60.33%

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