We might not like them, but we all have to abide by them to make sure the competitions are fair for everyone.

Who makes the rules? - British Riding Clubs; they are our governing body and they run the Nationals so their rules apply to the qualifiers as well.

The British Riding Clubs rule book is available on their website or click here.

The rule book gives you an 'all you need to know' but, it is comprehensive enough to form a cure for insomnia (sorry to those that put it together, it is invaluable!). If you are ever unsure, ask your team manager or the Area Representative who can clarify with BRC before you get to the event.

The rules say we can not let you compete at a qualifier, let alone qualify if, for example, your vaccinations don't match the BRC rules.

We hate being mean and nasty. Let me tell you, we end up miserable when we have to tell a competitor they can't qualify - or when elimination for one competitor eliminates the team. We hate it. We hate it passionately. So, please check out the rules before the competition.

 To help you, here are some important ones:

    • Passports and vaccination   certificates must be checked for every qualifier AND they will be checked, alongside your horse, at the Nationals. So remember:
        • The name on the passport must match exactly the name on your entry
        • If the vaccination card is seperate, the name on the vaccination card must match exactly the name on the passport
        • There is literally zero tolerance to the rules - we can't be flexible on dates at all - for example, an annual booster must be given no more than 365 days apart
        • We must be able to see where the sequence of vaccinations began - ie the important first three followed by annual boosters to date
    • Only the first two injections are needed to allow a horse/pony to compete
    • You can not have an injection within 7days of the competition
    • Every relevant entry must be completed, signed and stamped by a veterinary surgeon who is not the owner of the horse/pony.
    •  Vaccination Procedure:
      • Two injections, the 2nd between 21 and 92 days after the 1st
      • First booster; an injection between 150 and 215 days after the 2nd primary injection
      • Annual booster; an injection not more than 1 year (365 days) after the preceding injection


  • Showjumping: Three refusals before elimination - so don't give up after a second refusal, you're still in with a chance!



 Please note there are some changes to the BRC rules. One of these is that all riding hats must be tagged at qualifiers and Championships by a BRC trained 'hat tagger' as should body protectors

Please see rule below. If you are in doubt please ask your team manager before the event to avoid disappointment.

G22.2: Protective Headgear

‘Protective Headwear’ must be worn at all times by anyone, whether or not a Competitor, riding anywhere at a BRC event. Harnesses must be correctly adjusted and fastened. At all BRC Championships and qualifiers ‘Protective Headwear’ must show a visible BRC, ‘hat tag’. ‘Protective Headwear’ constitutes a hat which meets one of the following standards. Failure to do so will incur elimination.

British PAS 015:1998 or 2011,


European EN1384:1996

American All SEI ASTM 95, ASTM F1163:2004, SNELL E2001

Australian & New Zealand

All SAI AS/NZS 3838 2003 or 2006

Hard hats to specification PAS015 and ASTM F1163 are considered to offer greater protection than EN1384 and BSEN1384. Recommended hard hats must carry the quality assurance stamp of Kitemark or SEI. It is emphasised that hats bearing a quality assurance stamp are batch tested and therefore of a constant standard. Skullcap hats must be worn with an appropriate colour silk for that discipline (see Appendix 4). For Quadrille competitions, hats of the above standard are mandatory. Competitors are strongly advised to check their hats regularly and to replace them if damaged or following a fall.


The complete British Riding Clubs rule book is available online, just click here.